INGEDE Seminar 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia

"Recycling and Recyclability of Printed Products"

Problems and Solutions

INGEDE invites all members of the paper chain to the
INGEDE Seminar in Vienna, Austria,
on Tuesday, Sept 30, 2008, Conference Center "Am Spiegeln".

With the geographical location of Vienna, this year we want to extend the seminar to the Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries – inviting also stakeholders from Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.


  • Introduction of INGEDE
    (Ulrich Höke, Chairman of INGEDE)

  • Paper collection systems and quality
    (Jori Ringman, CEPI)

  • Recyclability of printed paper products and its assessment
    (Andreas Faul, INGEDE)

  • Deinked pulp for high quality LWC and MWC paper grades
    (Andreas Spielberger, Christian Tasch, Norske Skog)

  • UV printing technologies and their deinkability:
    - UV applications for graphic papers

      (Edgar Korb, Siegwerk )
    - Deinkability of UV prints – an investigation into ink formulation
      (Alexander Schiller, Fogra)
    - Deinkability of commercial UV inks
      (Hans-Joachim Putz, PMV Institute of Darmstadt Technical University)

  • Digital prints – not all of them are deinkable
    (Axel Fischer, INGEDE)
  • Deinking – a main parameter for environmental certification in the
    Austrian printing industry (Dr. Werner Sobotka, Print Innovation, Vienna)

  • Wrap-up and Closure 
    (Ulrich Höke)

The presentations will mostly be given in German and translated simultaneously into English. The number of participants for this seminar is limited.

The registration fee is 80 € per participant. For each additional participant from the same company, a reduced fee of 65 € will be charged. If you intend to participate, please contact us for registration by 31 August 2008 by e-mail to office@ingede.com.

Details about the venue and travel information at www.amspiegeln.at

Why come to this seminar?

Surveys promise a bright future for print media: Advertisers realise that today they can reach a much wider audience by print media than by tv. With more and more programmes, single tv spots become inefficient.

But print media consist not only of editorial content and advertisement – they are made of paper. A lot of them are made of recycled paper, and if not, at least they will be recycled.

And recycling becomes more and more difficult. Advertisers demand brighter paper, but the resource that the paper industry gets becomes worse. New printing technologies create problems, some make paper even unrecyclable. More efficient collection systems can also mean a decrease in the average quality of the recovered paper.

Printers, publishers, advertisers, art directors: Are you aware of the problems that your printed products can create – or avoid, if you make the right choices? Ink and printer manufacturers: Are you aware of the problems your products can create?

The "European Declaration on Paper Recycling" sets recycling targets in quantity and quality. This self commitment is signed and supported by many members of the paper value chain – publishers, printers, ink and adhesive manufacturers, paper industry and others (see www.paperrecovery.org). It is the responsibility of all single members of this value chain to bring the targets to life.

INGEDE seeks the cooperation of the members of the paper chain to deal with the problems of paper recycling. This cooperation has already led to significant progress and awareness. At a seminar, INGEDE offers you backgrounds and insight into processes and developments.

Folien Ackermann Downloadable pdf of this invitation

See also the details about the INGEDE Seminar 2007 in Milano and the INGEDE Seminar 2006 in Paris.

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Last update: 21 November 2008