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INGEDE Press Release 1/2001

Paper meets Ink meets Technology:

Digital Print Deinking Workshop

October 18, 2001 in Grenoble (France)

Digital printing technologies are gaining more and more market shares. Products printed with these technologies get into households and offices already – and will furthermore be recycled with standard graphic material. But some of the printing inks used in digital printing cannot be removed during the deinking process as easily as standard inks can. Thus it is high time to optimise these new colour systems together with the paper in use so they will not endanger the deinkability of a valuable resource – recovered graphic paper.

Tests have shown that some of the inks used for digital printing deink rather easily while some other systems lead to severe problems in the ink removal process. Because of the poor deinkability, many of the currently produced digital prints should not get into recovered graphic paper!

The Centre Technique du Papier (CTP) and INGEDE organise a workshop in Grenoble to bring together the whole chain from digital printing up to the requirements for good recyclability. A better understanding of the different aspects is expected to ensure, that recyclability as a necessary feature of the final product is taken into consideration when choosing technology, ink, paper or additives. ADEME, the French agency for environment and energy savings is also sponsoring this workshop.

Everybody dealing with the digital printing chain is invited – printing press, office printer and copier manufacturers, toner and ink manufacturers) as well as members of the paper chain – deinkers, paper mills using deinked pulp, waste paper collectors and dealers, chemical and machinery suppliers). Institutions working in these fields are also welcome.

Topics to be presented:

  • What are digital prints? Market, processes and expected volume

  • Toner for copier and laser printers: principles, volume and expected development

  • Ink-jet prints: principles, volumes and expected development

  • Paper recycling: deinking today

  • Deinkability of digital prints: toner printed paper (Indigo, Xeikon, OCE, ...)

  • Deinkability of digital prints: ink-jet prints, elcography prints, ...

The final programme of the workshop with the registration form is available from Malou Caillat at CTP: e-mail or Fax +33 476 15 40 60. Please write your full address, fax and Telephone number and e-mail address.

Find the final programme also here.

INGEDE is an association of leading European paper manufacturers founded in 1989. INGEDE aims at promoting utilisation of recovered graphic paper (newsprint, magazines and office paper) and improving the conditions for an extended use of recovered paper for the production of graphic and hygiene papers.

July 10, 2001

If you have any questions we will try to help you.

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