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INGEDE Press Release 1/2002

INGEDE Elects New Board

After leading INGEDE for 10 years
Dr. Erwin Krauthauf retires

Rolf Maisch, member of the Executive Team of Swiss Perlen Paper AG, follows Dr. Erwin Krauthauf as head of INGEDE. Krauthauf celebrated his 65th birthday in February and retired from his position as Mill Manager and Section Head of Haindl Paper GmbH. The new board of INGEDE consists of six members:

Dr. Georg Carlberg , Norske Skog Europe (Norway),
Dr. Ulrich Höke , StoraEnso Sachsen GmbH (Germany),
Rolf Maisch, Perlen AG (Switzerland),
Claus Palm, MD Lang Papier GmbH (Germany),
Walter Pillwein, UPM-Kymmene Steyrermühl (Austria) and
Dr. Thomas Welt, Palm Papier KG (Germany).

The members of the board elected Rolf Maisch chairman, his deputy is Dr. Ulrich Höke .

Dr. Erwin Krauthauf lead INGEDE since 1992 and is the father of the success and the reputation that INGEDE enjoys today. From 1988 to 2000 he lead the Schongau Mill of Haindl Papier GmbH, who became part of UPM Kymme­ne lately. Under the leadership of Krauthauf INGEDE grew up from a middle European interest group to the “Inter­na­tio­nal Association of the Deinking Industry“, joining the leading European paper mills. In 2001, INGEDE members utilised more than 7 million tons of recovered graphic paper to pro­duce new graphic paper and hygiene paper.

More than 3 Million Euro spent for Research

In 1992 the recovered paper utilised had been 2.56 millio­n tons. This means, that this significant figure has risen by 270 per cent. Not only the volume grew, the number of mem­bers grew also from 16 in the year 1992 to 30 in 2002. The members of INGEDE come from all over Europe, located in Italy , Austria , Switzerland , Germany , France , Belgium , the Netherlands , Den­mark , Sweden and Finland .

INGEDE coordinates research projects, which benefit the needs of all members. Lead by Krauthauf, since 1992 INGEDE started about 60 projects worth about 3 million Euro. The institutes working for INGEDE also became more and more international – today INGEDE occupies research­ers at the Centre Technique du Paper (CTP) in France, at the Ytkemiska Institutet (Insti­tute for Surface Chemistry, YKI) in Stockholm in Sweden and at the Centre for Imaging Sci­ences and Technologies (CIST) of the Uni­ver­sity of Halmstad in Sweden as well as at the Institute for Paper Science and Technology (IfP) of the Technical Univer­sity in Darmstadt and PTS Research and Consultancy in Munich, Germany.

More than just financing research work, over the last years INGEDE has developed eleven “INGEDE Methods“, which serve as objective standards in the evaluation of paper and pulp properties or the evaluation of the recyclability of print products. These methods even have become the basis for similar procedures at paper dealers and collectors.

INGEDE is an association of leading European paper manu­facturers founded in 1989. INGEDE aims at promoting uti­li­sa­tion of recovered graphic paper (newsprint, maga­zines and office paper) and improving the conditions for an extended use of reco­ve­red paper for the production of graphic and hy­giene papers.

15. April 2002

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